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Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) Therapy

Woman happy  in fieldPEMF is now available at Martindale Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

The iMRS2000 is a device that uses the Earth’s pulsed electromagnetic fields or PEMFs. With over 16 years of research and experience, 10 000 scientific papers, and over 2000 double-blind studies, PEMF has proven to be effective for healing and regeneration. Just as the body needs earth, water, fire and air, it also needs PEMF, which is why it has been called life’s fifth essential element. PEMF uses this connection to act as a battery charger for the bodies cells.

PEMF therapy does not cure disease, it has been known to boost energy, stimulate muscles, wake up the immune system, increase focus, relieve pain, improve sleep quality, reduce stress, optimize performance (physically, emotionally and mentally), address disease issues of any origin and bring about an overall sense of well-being.

Therapeutic Benefit

The therapeutic contributions of PEMFs are well documented across a variety of health issues. PEMF therapy is complimentary to and enhances any allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic, massage therapy, chiropractic, physiotherapy injury and disease recovery and works alongside and with all holistic and medical practices and treatments.

The human body is designed to be healthy. PEMF therapy stimulates the various functions of the body at the cellular level onward so that the body can better support and heal itself. Once therapy has commenced, the order of healing will follow the body’s own wisdom that is, what issues and symptoms will be addressed and when. Some people describe healing processes as working through layers like that of ‘an onion.’

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Dr. Oz Talks About PEMF Therapy

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